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Enrage Staff
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Welcome to Enrage
Enrage are a social 10 man raiding guild on the EU server Bloodhoof. Born in 2010, the guild has been a constant star in an ever changing Bloodhoofian sky. We may not burn as bright as some of the top guilds on our server, but we're certainly not burning out like many have done in recent times either. Instead, you'll find us enduring the ups and downs of our server in the only way we know how: the Enrage way, to remain the strong and stable guild you see today. Enrage isn't just a guild, it's a way of life!

Primarily a raiding guild, our main player base is made up of casual and social players, with a small portion being dedicated raiders. We have a relaxed attitude towards the game but have high standards when it comes to raiding.
Guild News
Other Guild News

New guild website

Spankymonkey, Aug 10, 14 4:54 PM.
Enrage has a new, better designed website, so this old relic will be removed in the near future. Please do not sign up for this site but head to to join us into WoD. There will be no further updates here and this site could be shut down at any time. Thanks, Tony.

14/14 - Enrage clear Seige of Orgrimmar!

Takana, Jun 19, 14 5:41 PM.
Well done to raid team 1, you've earned this kill!!

13/14 SoO. Garrosh, Enrage is coming for you!

Takana, Jun 3, 14 5:50 PM.
Awesome raid night tonight. Not only did we one shot Seigecrafter, but we also took down the Paragons on our first ever try as well! Grats Raid Team 1!

Here's looking forward to downing Garrosh next reset :)

Team 2 - 6/14

Takana, Mar 11, 14 11:25 AM.
Gratz to Team 2 for getting to 6/14 normal last night with a brand new line up!

Ralós (Lee), Queloriac (Sean), Restosaur (Ray), Meddic (Nikki), Zootfizzle (Annie), Óg (Andy), Redyn (Carolina), Gwendir (Ulrik), Fasinathing (Haakon) and Takana (Claire).

10/14N SoO - Malkorok and Spoils downed!

Takana, Mar 5, 14 2:53 PM.
Well done team 1 for downing Malkorok and the Spoils of Pandaria last night! Proud of you guys <3

I would post a screenie of the Spoils but we all buggered off after and forgot to get one :(

Fixing the raid progression widget

Spankymonkey, Feb 15, 14 4:07 AM.
Sorry about the lack of updates here because most of the current news goes on the Facebook page at present.

I've been working on fixing that raid progression widget to the right this morning as it's been inaccurate in reporting our progress in SoO up till now. For some reason one of our raiders was flagged as having Nazgrim down even though we're currently still working on the Dark Shaman so it was a bit buggy. Now it's showing as a correct 6/14 and you can click on the respective bars to see each member of raid team ones progress there.

It's still a bit buggy because it's listing characters as incomplete on stuff like flex mode, when I know for a fact they've done it, but for normal mode it's ok at present.

We still have posts to put up for our recent kills on both Galakras and Juggernaut but last run on the Dark Shaman took them down to 1% so that one will probably get checked off at the same time next update.

Two bosses downed - Gratz Enragers!! [4/14]

Takana, Jan 14, 14 6:32 PM.
Enrage was on fire tonight, we went ahead and downed not only Norushen on normal, but we dropped the Sha of Pride right after!!

Tanks: Neil [Vibes], Tony [Termoonator]
Healers: OJ [Diskoak], Ray [Restosaur], Sophie [Sophieflame]
DPS: Juli [Zeri], Geoff [Zartix], Carolina [Redyn], Nest [Sleepycookie], Claire [Takana]

Another raid boss down

Spankymonkey, Dec 21, 13 1:29 PM.
Well done to our rebooted flexi raid team for taking that next step and dropping in to finish off Galakras last Wednesday night (18th December). As we were running short on time, after dropping the first four bosses, we knew we only had time for three shots at it. Naturally, in the usual Enrage way, we dropped it on the last pull of the night, once this fat bear actually managed to stay on the tower, rather than insisting he could fly.

As discussed Xmas day is obviously a no-go for raiding, but we're up again on New years day at the usual time, so please sign up if you're up for attending. Depending on the numbers we'll be jumping into normal, or we'll be going into flexi starting with Galakras again so we can try and improve on our great success so far.

Also a big welcome back to OJ and Ray who have rejoined us after being in the wilderness for a while.

Contratulations on all the shinies, guys. And we hope you all have a cracking Xmas.

Flexi raid team progress

Spankymonkey, Dec 14, 13 11:39 AM.
We're now two runs into our new raid team line-up and we're doing well. A couple of people unable to attend was the only pitfall to us having a crack on a couple of the normal bosses last Wednesday but we're hoping to re-look at this next raid (Wed 18th December) when a couple of the regulars will be returning. The team pretty much looks like this for our move into normal but the flex team will be as accomodating as ever, to encourage new raiders in guild to join in...

Vibes (Neil) - Tank
Termoonator (Tony) - Tank
Bulloaks (OJ) - Healer
Restasaur (Ray) - Healer
Mackum (Geoff) - Healer
Vod (Brian) - DPS
Zeri (Juli) - DPS
Sleepycookie - DPS
Redyn (Carolyn) - DPS
Takana (Claire) - DPS

Well done everyone on our successful runs so far. Let's keep the good work up as we go into New year. As a sign of goodwill we think maybe we'll skip the raid for 25th of December, though :-)

New Flexi Raid Team

Takana, Dec 4, 13 6:50 PM.
As most know now, our former raid teams are currently on a break until after the Christmas holidays. However, we are continuing to raid doing Flex raiding only with our new raid leader, Neil (Vibes).

The team is open to any and all who wishes to keep on raiding while some our core players have been forced to take a break for a while. If you're interested, let Neil, Tony or Claire know in game.

Raiding suspended until New Year

Spankymonkey, Nov 20, 13 2:58 PM.
Hi everyone,

For those of you who aren't aware, we're suspending our raid teams at the moment as several of our key members have real life stuff going on at the moment and we have no wish to gimp ourselves by carrying different randoms through every raid night to try and fill a team. Don't worry, it's not a gloom story here - we'll be back with a vengance in the new year once everyones batteries are recharged.

Obviously, due to this, some of you guys are going to feel frustrated so you're well within your rights to do some pugging in normal or flex raids as you wish. We'd love for you to stay with us, though, rather than going somewhere else, of course.

Many thanks,


Enrage vs Immerseus kill video

Takana, Sep 20, 13 11:04 AM.

Excuse the crappy quality and editing

Immerseus downed! 1/14 SoO

Takana, Sep 18, 13 7:03 PM.
It may have been a flukey kill, but we downed him nonetheless! Well done Enragers!

Lorandri, Vyper, Spankymonkey, Bulloaks, Murcol, Soulreaper, Excolai, Gerbraad, Kossaful and Takana.

Heroic: Deathwing Guild Run

Takana, Sep 2, 13 5:32 PM.

Soulreaperr, Fascinating, Hoontard, Deleb, Urzulla, Vyper, Frezni, Amaranth, Bittelita, Takana

Enrage clear ToES!

Takana, Aug 18, 13 6:45 PM.
Tonight we had a fun run through Terrace of the Endless Springs and finally checked it off for our guild achievement! Thanks to Hawk for running the raid, and to everyone that came along :)

Brawder, Murciel, Bulloaks, Sjukestua, Exshador, Nicedress, Viiv, Zeri, Zartix and Takana.

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